Ola has introduced an enticing discount of Rs 20,000 on its premium electric scooter, the S1 X+, bringing its ex-showroom price down to Rs 89,999. This exclusive discount is valid for all S1 X+ bookings made in the month of December 2023, providing a significant saving opportunity for prospective buyers.

The S1 X+ stands atop Ola’s S1 X e-scooter lineup and is equipped with a robust 3kWh battery, boasting an impressive claimed IDC range of 151km. Ola emphasizes the S1 X+ by asserting a ‘True Range’ of 100 km in Normal mode and a remarkable 125 km in Eco mode. This underscores the scooter’s efficiency and adaptability to diverse riding needs.
Under the hood, the S1 X+ shares its powertrain with the S1 Air, featuring a hub motor with continuous power rating of 2.7kW, peak power reaching 6kW, and a claimed top speed of 90kph. Having experienced a brief ride on the Ola S1 Air, we found it to be a compelling option in the electric scooter segment.

The S1 X+ maintains uniformity with the other Ola e-scooters in terms of boot space, offering a capacious 34 litres for practical storage solutions. Ola had initially projected deliveries to commence in September during the launch of the S1 X lineup a few months ago. However, as of now, customers are still awaiting the arrival of their S1 X e-scooters. It is anticipated that deliveries will kick off in the coming week.

Ola S1X electric scooter prices slashed by Rs. 20,000

This limited-time discount adds an extra layer of appeal to the already attractive S1 X+, making it an opportune moment for enthusiasts to make their bookings. Ola continues to make strides in the electric scooter market, and with this promotional offer, they are likely to capture the attention of more riders seeking an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport. Stay tuned for further updates as Ola’s S1 X lineup hits the roads in the coming weeks.

Ola Electric is now India’s biggest electric two wheeler maker. November 2023 saw the EV maker deliver a whopping 30,000 electric scooters from the S1 and S1 Pro range. While sales have skyrocketed for Ola Electric, so have problems for customers. Ola’s service centers are currently besieged with faulty S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters with angry customers taking to social media outlets to vent out their frustration with endless delays and issues plaguing the scooters. We hope that Ola Electric focuses on turning out problem free scooters for its customers.

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