Former PM’s daughter-in-law asks biker ‘to die’ after he hits her 1.5 crore Toyota Vellfire luxury MPV [Video]

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Politicians and their relatives abusing their powers is not something new in India. Every now and then, we hear such cases; however, a close relative of a former Prime Minister of India engaging in such abuse is not heard every day. Recently, Bhavani Revanna, daughter-in-law of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, was caught on camera scolding and threatening a biker on the road. This was done by her after an alleged crash of the biker with her Toyota Vellfire hybrid MPV worth Rs 1.5 crore. The incident occurred in Saligrama, Udipi, and the video of her abusing her powers has now been shared online.

What happened?

Just a few days ago, Bhavani Revanna was traveling in her hometown Saligrama when a biker who was allegedly coming from the wrong direction crashed into her Toyota Vellfire. Now, the exact details of who was at fault remain unclear; however, a video of Revanna being furious at the biker has been shared on X by multiple users including Hate Detector. In the video, Bhavani is heard venting out her frustration to the biker.

She stated, “Those coming from the opposite side should come from their left. Look how he has damaged my vehicle, worth Rs 1.5 crore. This vehicle did not have a single scratch. If you want to die, you should have died by going under a bus. Who are you to damage my car?,” Bhavani added, “You are all thinking ‘what if he died?’. Who will pay for the damage caused to this Rs 1.5 crore vehicle?”

From the video, it can be noted that Bhavani repeatedly emphasizes the value of her car, stating, “Will you pay Rs 50 lakh for repairing it?” She was also noted using foul language as well. Additionally, in the video with her rage, Bhavani is seen instructing someone to “burn the vehicle of this man” and demanding police intervention. She was also captured taking a picture of the biker and making remarks such as, “See that the man does not touch his bike.” Her car driver subsequently lodged a complaint with the Saligrama police against the biker, resulting in a registered case.

Netizens’ reaction to this abuse of power

Former PM’s daughter-in-law asks biker ‘to die’ after he hits her 1.5 crore Toyota Vellfire [Video]

Soon after the video became viral on social media platforms, a ton of netizens have expressed their opinions on Bhavani’s behavior. Comments on the videos have emphasized her as “arrogant” and “rude.” Some users criticized her priorities, pointing out her concern for the luxury car over the well-being of the biker as well. A lot of people have also stated that this needs to stop in India, as numerous politicians and their relatives over the years have abused their powers and exploited common people.

Bhavani Revanna’s background

For those who may not be aware, Bhavani Revanna is the wife of MLA HD Revanna, son of former Indian Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda. Her sons, Prajwal and Suraj Revanna, also hold positions as an MP and MLC, respectively. Over the last few years, the daughter-in-law of Deve Gowda has come under scrutiny for her actions multiple times.

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