Live example off a scooter falling after getting hit by SUV [Video]

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No matter how attentive a car driver is, if a vehicle comes into their blind spot, there is a high chance that an accident may take place. Recently, showing exactly what riding in a blind spot can cause, a video has been shared online. It shows how a scooter rider crashed into an SUV because he came out from the left blind spot of the vehicle. If you want to know how such incidents can be avoided, the following are the measures.

Blind Spot Accident

First off, let’s talk about the accident that was seen in the video shared by Prateek Singh on their channel on YouTube. In this particular video, the presenter mentions that this video has been submitted to him by one of his viewers. The video is from Hyderabad, and in this dashcam footage, a Tata Safari Storme SUV can be seen getting involved in a slow-speed crash on a normal two-way road.

The presenter explains, and we can note in the video that the Safari Storme was driving on the straight road with numerous potholes at a speed of around 10-20 kmph. Next up, it can be observed that the Safari came to a point where a woman was on the left side, and the car was in its lane. Soon after this, a scooter rider out of nowhere comes in between the two and crashes with the left front of the Safari Storme as he turned in. Following this, the scooter rider could not balance and immediately falls on the road.

What Happened Next?

Following the accident, the scooter rider immediately got up and without any discussion went away. It can be seen in the video that the scooter rider was not wearing a helmet, and with his fall, his face was directly smashed on the road. Another important thing that was avoided after his fall was that because of the slow speed of the Safari Storme, he was not crushed. If the speed of the car were to be a little more, the person fallen in front would come under the front left wheel of the Safari.

What is a Blind Spot and How Can You Avoid Such Accidents?

For those who may not be aware, blind spots in cars are those areas around the vehicle that the driver cannot see directly. These are the spots that are hard to observe by side mirrors as well as the rearview mirrors. Blind spots create a potential risk for collisions, especially when changing lanes or merging into traffic. In higher-end cars, automakers offer a blind spot monitor; however, at the moment, affordable cars do not come with this safety feature.

Riding in a blind spot of a car is very risky: Live example [Video]

In order to avoid accidents as shown above in the video, there are a few tips we can provide. The first is to make sure your side mirrors are adjusted correctly to minimize blind spots. Additionally, adjust your rearview mirror to provide the best overall view of the rear. Another important tip is before changing lanes; you can do a shoulder check by briefly turning your head to check the blind spots.

Riding in a blind spot of a car is very risky: Live example [Video]

Apart from the above things, keeping a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you is another way to have room in case of an unexpected situation. Additionally, using turn indicators to communicate your intentions to other drivers is another effective way of avoiding blind spot accidents. Lastly, we cannot stress this enough, but keeping 100 percent of the attention on the road is the most important tip that anyone can ever provide.

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