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No matter how developed a country is, after a massive rainstorm, a lot of drains get clogged up, and the roads get flooded. Now, after these roads get flooded, most internal combustion-engined two-wheelers and four-wheelers cannot cross them because of the risk of engine seizure. However, electric cars do not have this problem. Recently demonstrating this difference, a video of a daredevil person driving his Tesla Model 3 EV hatchback through a flooded road has been shared online.

Tesla Model 3 Crosses Flooded Road

The video of this Tesla Model 3 crossing a flooded road has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley on their official page. The post, captioned “Teslas are like boats,” shows a white Tesla Model 3, which is the company’s most affordable offering in the international markets, wading through a fully flooded road. It can also be noted that a number of cars were stopped before the flooded portion of the road.

The Tesla in the video is not shown fully crossing the road; however, it does go to the middle of the road where it was most flooded. Apart from the Tesla, two other cars can be seen on the other side, which most likely stopped as water may have entered their engine. This demonstration has garnered a lot of attention on the internet, and numerous netizens shared their opinions on the same. A lot of people commended Tesla’s ability, and many of them also criticized the driver for this stunt.

Are Electric Vehicles Waterproof?

For those who may not be aware, almost all electric vehicles are designed to be water-resistant. Electric vehicle manufacturers seal all the crucial components to protect them against rain, dust, and splashes. However, it has to be kept in mind that they are not fully waterproof, and submerging them in water, especially in flooded conditions, can pose some risks.

Why You Should Not Drive Through Flooded Roads?

One of the biggest risks in doing something like the above-shown video is that water can enter sensitive electrical components. This can then cause short circuits and malfunctions in the electric vehicle. Apart from this, if water makes contact with the high-voltage battery pack, it can also cause huge damage. Additionally, flooded roads can expose the electric motors to water, which later can cause corrosion and damage to the propulsion system.

Petrol cars get stuck on flooded road: Tesla Model 3 crosses flooded road comfortably [Video]

Apart from the damages to the vehicle by taking on such challenges of driving through flooded areas, there is an extremely increased risk of electric shock and other safety hazards for the driver and passengers as well. Lastly, submerging an EV in such deep waters can also void its warranty. After such cases, if the vehicle is taken back to the dealership, most of them claim that the vehicle was used beyond the normal operating conditions specified by manufacturers, and hence its warranty has been voided.

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