Simple Energy cancelling bookings by calling customers

By admin Nov24,2023

In a surprising turn of events, Simple Energy, a Bengaluru-based electric two-wheeler start-up, has commenced issuing refunds to a select few customers who pre-booked its inaugural product, the Simple One electric scooter. The company is reaching out to individuals who pre-booked the Simple One EV through phone calls and emails to inform them about the cancellation of their bookings. The official communication from Simple Energy assures customers of a complete refund of the booking amount without any deductions.

Why is Simple Energy cancelling the Simple One bookings?

Simple Energy states that it is cancelling the pre-bookings of its electric scooter to alert people about “recent fraudulent events involving forged activities under the name of Simple Energy Private Limited,” as highlighted in the emails sent to customers as reported by ACI. In an effort to address this issue, Simple Energy has detected instances of fraudulent activities where customers have been deceived using false identities associated with the company.

As a precautionary step, Simple Energy is currently annulling the bookings and providing customers with the choice of a refund. However, some individuals are expressing scepticism regarding Simple Energy’s decision to refund the Simple One electric scooter bookings due to reported “fraudulent activities.” Nonetheless, the company has assured priority deliveries to those who pre-booked the scooter once the company establishes experience centres in their respective cities.

Simple One sent the following emails to the customers, ”

“Our team is attempting to reach all our customers via telephone. Meanwhile, our intention is to create awareness among our customers about the recent fraudulent happening forging Simpleenergy Private Limited. This affects our brand value as customers believe these imposters and lose their hard-earned money. Hence, we are taking this step of initiating the refund to all our customers.

What’s next for Simple One EV?

Simple Energy introduced the Simple One electric scooter two years after initially showcasing its inaugural electric scooter. The delivery of the initial batch of Simple One began in June 2023. However, by August 2023, deliveries dwindled to just 40 units. Subsequently, two months have elapsed without a single scooter being delivered by Simple Energy.

Addressing the lacklustre performance of the Simple One electric scooter, Simple Energy attributed the decline in deliveries to a pilot program aimed at evaluating real-world scenarios and user-related challenges. Despite assessing these challenges, the company intended to ramp up operations and commence larger-scale scooter deliveries, possibly by the end of November or early December.

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