Hilarious video of youth driving a motorized bed to petrol bunk goes viral on internet

By admin Nov24,2023

In India, there are several workshops where people have modified bikes and cars in the past. While most people use regular cars and bikes for modification jobs, there are workshops that prefer working on such projects from scratch. Some have even built custom cars or supercar replicas from scratch using the materials available to them. Occasionally, we come across projects that are genuinely fun to watch and don’t resemble actual cars. Here’s one such video that surfaced online: a youth driving a bed fitted with wheels and a motor to a petrol pump.

The video was shared by lifetheglorious on their Instagram page and is genuinely hilarious. However, it doesn’t show how this motorized bed was made; it simply displays two young boys sitting on the moving bed. One guy sits at the front with a steering wheel while the other sits behind him. Essentially, it’s a bed with just four wheels and steering.

A motor is installed at the rear right leg of the bed, connected to the wheel. The four wheels are attached to the original legs of the bed. The person driving the motorized bed turns the steering and drives it to a petrol pump, surprising the staff working there. It seems the boys were on their way to refuel.

At the filling station, a biker already present laughs at this creation, but the boys seem unfazed. They stop the bed in front of the petrol filling station, get down, and open the fuel tank, probably placed beneath the bed. However, the video doesn’t delve into the details of this custom bed with wheels.

Motorized bed

It seems the front legs of the bed are installed on a piece of metal allowing free movement left and right, possibly connected to the steering wheel mounted at the front. It’s unclear whether this creation has brakes or if the driver improvised to make it stop. Upon closer inspection, the person riding the bed appears to have made a hole in the fabric to place his feet, likely where the accelerator pedal is installed.

While the internet showcases a variety of modified cars and bikes, this instance appears to be the first time someone installed a motor on an actual bed and drove it. However, it’s worth noting that driving such things on the road is entirely illegal without registration or any fitness certificate. While it’s an intriguing project, practicality-wise, it falls quite short.

We have seen several videos in the past where people drive or ride their custom made cars or bikes in front of cops to see their reaction. The video posted by this Instagram page also aims to do something like this only. The video has already garnered many views. The video actually mocks the creators and calls them scientists. The caption of the video is actually Desi scientist and it also comes with a text that says, we have people like this or scientists in every corner of the country and that because of this ingenuity we managed to complete the Chandrayaan mission in a cost effective manner.

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