Xbox Falls Way Behind PS5 Sales in Europe

By admin Dec17,2023

It’s no secret that the Xbox Series X and Series S have not exactly set the world on fire. The reasons for this are complicated, but the news only seems to worsen. Xbox sales in Europe have dropped by over a quarter since last year, while PS5 sales nearly quadrupled.

Xbox Series X|S sales down 27% in Europe, PS5 up 376%

As Metro reported, Xbox’s sales in the EU market dropped by 27% over the last year, while PS5 sales grew 376%. Notably, this figure does not include Germany or the UK, the latter of which count for most of Xbox’s sales in Europe. However, the Series X remains third in the UK behind the PS5 and aging Nintendo Switch.

It’s also worth noting that PS5 has benefited from Sony restocking in the EU instead of prioritizing the US market like it did last year. This may partly explain why PS5 sales fell 20% in the US, though Xbox and Switch also experienced similar dips. Either way, it’s fair to say that the new Xbox consoles have failed to find an audience in Europe.

Microsoft’s consoles have never been the best-sellers of any generation. While the original Xbox outsold the GameCube, and the 360 was a serious rival to the PS3, Xbox One sales fell short. The 2013 console sold about 58 million units, compared to the PS4’s 117.2 million. So far, Microsoft has sold an estimated 21 million Series X and Series S consoles, compared to the PS5’s 46 million. While there’s time for a turnaround, it’s looking increasingly less likely, especially with the PS5 Pro likely releasing next year.

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