This Tata Indica has done close to 6 lakh without any engine work: Owner felicitated by dealer

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Back in 1998, Tata Motors introduced its first production car in the Indian market called the Tata Indica. It garnered a lot of attention and praise for its design, showcased at the Auto Expo. What made the Indica unique was that it was one of the first cars in its segment to offer a diesel engine option, which attracted many buyers due to its fuel efficiency.

Even though Tata discontinued the Indica in 2018, there are still a few well-maintained examples of this iconic car in the country. One such example is a 2009 model Indica that has covered an impressive distance of over 5.85 lakh kilometers on the odometer without undergoing any major engine repairs.

This remarkable feat was achieved by Mr. Varadharajan, the owner of the Indica, who resides in Kerala. The car is located in the Thrissur District and Hyson Motors, the authorized Tata dealership in Chalakkudy, played a role in supporting Mr. Varadharajan in this accomplishment. It’s not every day that you come across a vehicle that has covered such a massive distance without encountering any engine issues.

The Tata Indica was registered on August 14th, 2009, and has been driven an average of around 60,000 kilometers every year. Despite being over 10 years old, the car still looks well-maintained from the outside, which indicates that its owner has taken good care of it throughout the years. It’s worth noting that the engine of this Indica has never been overhauled or rebored during its lifetime.

This Tata Indica has done close to 6 lakh without any engine work: Owner felicitated by dealer

This achievement serves as a proof to the longevity of diesel engines when properly maintained. The Tata Indica is not the only car to achieve such a milestone; there have been several cars, SUVs, and MUVs that have accomplished similar feats.

Diesel engines can last much longer

Reaching the milestone of 5 lakh kilometers is a significant accomplishment, and it can be achieved for almost any car if certain simple steps are followed. To ensure proper wear and tear in the engine, warming up the vehicle before starting a journey is the key. Also, adhering to regular servicing schedules, driving gently to maintain fuel economy and reduce strain on the engine, and regularly checking wheel alignment to ensure optimal performance will increase the life of the engine.

Diesel engines have a longer lifespan compared to petrol engines, thanks to the properties of diesel fuel. Diesel acts as a lubricant, keeping the engine running smoothly. On the other hand, petrol fuel has a detergent property, which means it tends to wash away the lubricants that coat the surface of the engine components. This leads to faster wear and tear compared to diesel engines.

Typically, a diesel engine can last between 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh kilometers without encountering any major issues. However, it is important to provide regular service and maintenance to both the car and the engine to ensure its longevity.

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