The Mystical Indian Flower Garland

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Indian Flower Garland

Indian flower garland is a traditional decoration for Hindu religious ceremonies and festivals. It is often made of fresh flowers such as rose and jasmine, which symbolize purity and love, or a combination of different colors. The flowers are strung together by skilled artisans, creating an intricate and beautiful floral necklace. They are also used as hair adornments for women.

Garlands are a very important part of Hindu culture. They are seen everywhere – on the roads, in temples, and in the richest as well as in the poorest houses. Whether it is the festival of Diwali, weddings or any other significant events in life, no ritual is complete without flower garlands. They are a beautiful and mystical symbol that holds a lot of meaning for the Hindus.

The significance of a garland lies in its very nature – it is not only a decoration, but a medium to express the sentiments of purity, honour, goodwill, and love. These are the sentiments that the Hindus have been passing on to their ancestors for generations through the art of making garland.

During the ancient times, indian flower garland were not only a decorative item but it was also a mark of respect and reverence for deities. It was a common practice for the people to worship the gods by draping garland around their neck or shoulders. Various gods have been associated with different types of flowers and it is believed that each god has his or her favourite flower.

The Mystical Indian Flower Garland

Garlands can be of any colour, but the most popular ones are red and white. These are considered as the most auspicious colours and they can symbolise different virtues like love, prosperity, wealth and fertility. The most common flowers used to make the garland are jasmine, kumki, and rose. In fact, these are the most preferred flowers for any Indian wedding and it is a must to wear them on a bride’s head. Besides these, there are many other flowers that can be used to make the garland like arugampul, erukam poo, and shenbaga poo.

The demand for handmade flower garlands is still high in Singapore, especially during the festive season. Mr Prabu has a dedicated staff of eight to cater to the needs of his clients. He hopes to pass on his skills to the next generation and keep this traditional trade alive.

It is a beautiful and unique experience to watch masters create their masterpieces. They are able to work effortlessly with the petals and they seem to be doing it as a form of meditation – almost as if the flowers are moving on their own accord. In fact, the world’s largest garlands of 5 miles were created by students undergoing meditation courses!

For anyone who wants to try their hand at creating a flower garland, we offer workshops in which you can learn how to make it from scratch. We start off with the basics, starting with crepe paper so that you can get the hang of it before moving on to using real flowers.

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