Sony Weighs in on PS5 vs PC Debate

By admin Dec6,2023

Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Hideaki Nishino has offered his thoughts on the PS5 vs PC debate in a new interview. When asked about the general shift towards mobile and PC gaming, Nishino highlighted the convenience of owning a console.

PS5 vs PC: Sony says console is more convenient

During an interview with Nikkei Asia, Nishino was asked about the advantage of having a dedicated gaming device like the PS5 as opposed to multipurpose systems like PC and mobiles. In response, he said that building a PC takes time and costs a pretty penny, whereas anyone can enjoy playing a game out of the box on a console.

“If you want to play PC games with the same GPU [graphics processing unit] performance and so forth as the PS5, you have to spend money and time to build your own PC,” Nishino said. “While doing so can be rewarding, a dedicated console allows any player to enjoy games of the same technical level right out of the box.”

Nishino added that Sony has the advantage of turning its franchises into movies and TV shows in order to draw more players into the PlayStation ecosystem. He went on to highlight The Last of Us as an example, revealing that the franchise saw a spike in game sales due to the HBO TV series.

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