Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake was officially announced over a year ago, but we’ve barely had any updates or news since. There’s no indication that the game hit development troubles at any point in time, but fans are clamoring for information and have taken to Twitter to quiz the developer about its lack of communication.

Silent Hill 2 remake updates have to come from Konami, says Bloober Team

Bloober Team says that as Silent Hill 2’s publisher, it’s Konami that is in charge of communication. As a result, any updates or news has to come from them. For its part, the studio has assuaged concerns and reiterated that the game is neither in any trouble nor canceled.

Any updates we’ve had about Silent Hill 2 remake have come from various leaks. For instance, a Steam update ended up revealing that the game will come with 12 trophies, though this may change nearer to launch. Preorders for the game have also unceremoniously started appearing online on several retailers’ websites, with fans speculating that a release date announcement is coming in the near future.

All we know so far is that Silent Hill 2 remake is expected to release sometime in 2024. At launch it’ll be a PS5 console exclusive.

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