The new-generation Mahindra Thar has definitely become the car of choice for many youngsters. While the Thar doing stunts on the roads is not uncommon anymore, this man from Dhar, Madhya Pradesh climbed the stairs of a temple, which hurt the religious sentiments of many. He was later tracked down and arrested by the police.

According to the details, the video of the youngster climbing the stairs of a temple in Dhar, MP, became viral. In the video, you can see three youngsters while another one from the group is making video of the whole incident. The video also shows how the Thar climbed a few stairs of the temple.

The young man was then tracked down by the cops after the video became viral. He apologised on the camera and clarified the reason as well. According to him, his prayers to the god came true and he had promised to bring his car to the temple after his prayers were fulfilled. This is the reason, he says to climb the stairs of the temple in his vehicle.

However, there are many who says that the man came up with explanations after he was tracked down and police action. He had no religious intent and he climbed the stairs to make videos for the social media.

Many other videos of Thar climbing stairs

There are two other viral videos circulating of the Mahindra Thar, each showcasing its stair-climbing capabilities in different locations.

The first video is a longer one and captures the Thar effortlessly climbing a stack of electricity poles placed on the roadside to mimic a stairwell. The Thar owner skillfully navigates the stairs, tackling each step with one tire at a time while receiving directions from a person outside the vehicle. According to the video, they had to engage the 4X4 Low mode at some point, although it’s possible that with enough momentum and better tire grip, the Thar could have accomplished the climb without needing the low gear ratio. Nevertheless, the video highlights the impressive capability of the Thar in conquering challenging terrains.

The second video showcases the Thar climbing straight onto a set of stairs at night. This time, the Thar approaches the stairs head-on, and both wheels hit the first step simultaneously. It successfully ascends a few more steps before descending back down with ease. The Thar performs flawlessly in this situation as well. However, it’s important to note that attempting such stunts with the all-new Mahindra Thar or any other capable off-road vehicle can potentially lead to problems or complications including suspension damage.

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