Royal Enfield motorcycles need no introduction among bikers in India and abroad. Over the decades, this brand has carved out a special place in the hearts of every biker and has become an aspirational product. While they offer a variety of models, their Bullet and Classic series remain the most popular. These motorcycles also enjoy significant popularity in the modification circle. We’ve witnessed various examples of this trend. The latest motorcycles from Royal Enfield include the Super Meteor 650 and Himalayan 450.

Here, we have a video showcasing a Super Meteor 650 that was actually modified to resemble a Harley, involving an expenditure of Rs 85,000. The video was uploaded by Deep Ranjan Sachan on their YouTube channel. In the video, the vlogger takes his bike for a morning ride and then visits a friend who owns a Royal Enfield garage in the city. The purpose of the visit was to view a special bike. The owner of the workshop possesses a Super Meteor 650, but it’s unlike any other Super Meteor 650 seen before. There’s a wide array of modification options and accessories available for this bike internationally.

The owner has transformed this cruiser to look like a Harley Davidson. While the Super Meteor comes with several official accessories, the owner did not opt for them here. Instead, they imported a headlamp cowl with a tinted windscreen, as no one currently manufactures it in India. Additionally, they installed a crash guard from Bykology, a website offering aftermarket bike accessories.

Furthermore, the owner fitted a performance air filter and upgraded the stock spark plugs to iridium ones. Panniers were also installed at the back. The fit and finish of these installed products on the bike are exceptional. Not only were these accessories installed, but care was taken to ensure that the new panels matched the stock shade of the bike. The Super Meteor originally features Grey/Silver-colored pinstripes on the tank and many other panels.

modified Super Meteor 650

The same shade of pinstripes was applied to the front cowl, panniers, and even the rear mudguard, harmonizing well with the overall motorcycle aesthetics. After explaining all the modifications, the vlogger took the bike for a short spin and was highly impressed with the fit and finish. In the video, he mentioned that he generally doesn’t appreciate aftermarket accessories or modifications, but in this case, he was truly impressed. None of the new panels appeared flimsy, and they did not vibrate or produce any noise at higher RPMs. The cowl and other modifications did not look out of place and did not detract from the essence of the motorcycle.

Upon speaking with the owner, it was revealed that the panniers and all the other modifications seen on this motorcycle cost around Rs 85,000. Interested individuals can get in touch with him or order the same online. However, completing such a project would take at least 1.5 months, as most of the products need to be shipped from different locations. Price for a brand new Royal Enfield Super Meteor starts at Rs 3.54 lakh, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 3.84 lakh, ex-showroom.

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