Report: PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Could Make Their Way Out Soon

By admin Dec11,2023

The announcement of a PlayStation 5 Pro is something that fans have been waiting on for some time now. According to one insider, more information may be on the way in the form of leaks.

Replying to a message on X (formerly Twitter), Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson responded to a question about potential specs on what a more powerful PlayStation 5 may look like. Henderson said he couldn’t comment on leaks he had no part in verifying, but did note he believes Sony is already anticipating actual specs to make their way out as they plan to give third-party developers PS5 Pro dev kits soon.

Information about the PS5 Pro is scarce

The report that Henderson was referring to was a leaked set of specs on the Resetera forums, reporting that the PS5 Pro will feature faster storage, accelerated ray tracing, and upscaling. Henderson has previously reported that the PS5 Pro — codenamed “Trinity” — will support better and more consistent frame rates at 4k, and could even feature 8k support.

This latest report from Henderson is a more detailed update from his report in March. He has also previously reported accurately on Sony hardware. Henderson was the first to reveal details on Project Q, Sony’s wireless earbuds, and the DualSense Edge, all three of which were later confirmed. He also noted again that there is no slim PS5, but doubled down on the PS5 with a detachable disc drive, which he has reported on before.

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