Documents leaked by Insomniac Games hackers has revealed Sony is aiming to expand its premium online service PlayStation Plus to mobile, smart TV, and internet browsers. The documents also detail plans to appeal to a wider selection of players and potential partnerships to expand PS Plus beyond a gaming service.

Mobile, PC, smart TV, and browsers are part of PS Plus 3.0

The leaked presentation slides reveal that the plans to expand PS Plus across console, PC, mobile, smart TV, and browsers are part of phase 3.0 for the service. As shown on ResetEra, expanding into mobile will include using first-party and third-party content that will work easily as a native version of the app on any device.

Game streaming is also planned for mobile users while being offered to those using smart TVs and internet browsers too. Potential partnerships are being considered with Amazon FireTV, Sony Bravia, and AndroidTV to bring PS Plus game streaming to more platforms.

PC gamers are being considered as a “major driver of live services engagement.” This is surprising bearing in mind all of the PlayStation first-party games made available on PC so far have been single-player offerings like God of War, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

The aim of expanding PS Plus to more devices is to attract a wider variety of players. These include “players who engage deeply with F2P games and OMP live services.” Sony is also hoping to create partnerships to bring third-party gaming subscriptions to PS Plus, such as GTA+, Fortnite Crew, and Hoyoverse to help with this.

Finally, Sony also wants the service to become a “must-have family membership” with more offerings for younger gamers that include on- and off-console content. Off-console content is likely to include more entertainment options. So far, Sony has been making good on these intentions by creating a partnership with Crunchyroll, although future partnerships could include Disney+, Spotify, and Sony LIV.

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