Mushroom fry, a simple, quick, easy to make, tasty dry fry prepared with Indian mushrooms

mushroom fry

Mushroom fry is one of those easy to make stir fry dishes that makes for a delicious side with chapati or rotis. Mushrooms hold a special place in my kitchen and its a shame that I have not blogged any mushroom recipes except for the restaurant style mushroom pepper fry which is my son’s favorite. I usually make mushroom dishes for our evening meal and I do not shoot images after 4 pm hence you will not find them on my food blog.

I have received many requests for mushroom recipes Indian style like mushroom masala, mushroom manchurian, chilli mushroom, mushroom biryani and of course andhra style mushroom dishes. I have decided to do a series on mushroom recipes for my dear readers and am starting off on a very simple yet extremely flavorful mushroom fry.


mushroom, kumbh, puttagodugu

In North India, edible mushroom is popularly called kumbh and down South in Andhra its called puttagodugu. Mushrooms are much loved and prepared by home cooks due to its flavor, nutritional benefits and makes for a great substitute for meat.

I try different variations of masala spice mixes each time I make mushroom fry. I like to use spices sparingly so that they do not overpower the real flavor of mushrooms. Even the texture of the mushroom fry that I make each time differs, sometimes its completely dry saute or a semi wet consistency fry. Today’s recipe is one those meatless, vegan friendly mushroom fry Indian style that you must try if you are a fan of mushrooms. The sauteing of mushrooms in ghee, coconut milk, freshly crushed pepper corns and lemon juice add an aromatic dimension of flavor.

mushroom fry recipe

mushroom fry recipe

Give this easy mushroom fry recipe a try and you will be surprised at how delicious this stir fry turns out. Serve it with chapati, roti or rice as it makes a great side and do add mushroom fry to your list of Indian food recipes using mushroom.

how to make mushroom fry

how to make mushroom fry

Learn to make mushroom fry indian style

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