Snakes crawling into vehicles have become a common phenomenon lately. Recently, a video from Goa surfaced, showing a massive python snake wrapped under the seat and tank of a Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle. The snake was later rescued by a snake handler, and the video quickly went viral online.

The video was shared by Ramesh Bhovi on his Facebook page. Although the exact location of the snake sighting is not mentioned in the video, bikes with Goa registration plates suggest it occurred somewhere in Goa. As the video begins, the Python is seen coiled under the motorcycle’s seat. It remains unclear how the snake found its way into the bike—was the bike parked near bushes, or did the rider spot the snake while riding?

The large snake was tightly coiled under the seat, with its head positioned under the fuel tank, slowly making its way there. In an attempt to scare the snake, the biker started the Classic 350, but it proved futile. A snake handler is visible trying to extract the snake from the bike, but its tight coil made it difficult. The handler even resorted to slapping the snake, likely in desperation.

An onlooker provided a spanner to loosen the Royal Enfield’s seat, allowing the snake handler to properly grasp the snake. Meanwhile, the snake’s head can be seen near the front forks under the fuel tank. After several attempts, the handler successfully grasped the snake and located its tail, tightly wrapped under the seat.

Python in Royal Enfield

Once the tail was located, the handler managed to extract the snake. It was indeed a sizable snake. The professional placed the snake in a sack and either relocated it to a different area or handed it over to the forest department. Revving the bike’s engine to scare the snake is ineffective. Although the Python is not venomous, it can still bite and constrict, potentially cutting off blood circulation.

The snake handler handled the situation with extreme care, ensuring not to release the snake’s tail, which could have coiled around his arm or body and posed a threat. Reptiles, such as snakes, are cold-blooded animals that seek warmth when the environment turns cold. The warmth from the Classic 350’s engine might have attracted the snake. If faced with such a situation, always seek help from professionals and refrain from handling the snake yourself, as it can be dangerous.

This is not the first time, we have come across a video like this on internet. There have been instances where venomous snakes like King Cobra have found shelter under the bonnet of cars. In order to avoid getting into such situation, ensure that you do not park your vehicle anywhere near bushes especially if you live in a place with lot of snakes. In this case, the snake was spotted in Goa and this place has a decent snake population. As mentioned above, do not try to take the snake out on your own or even try to harm the snake in any manner as they are protected species and authorities can actually take legal action against you for the same.

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