Over the weekend, a now-deleted TikTok user leaked what appeared to be an off-cam clip of the upcoming GTA 6 trailer. The leak appeared to be legit in that the imagery matched what we’ve seen in prior leaks, but a bizarre twist came when it was widely claimed that the leak originated from a senior Rockstar Games‘ employee’s son.

GTA 6 trailer will release tomorrow… officially

The leaked clip — which we won’t share here for obvious reasons — has since been scrubbed but copies are circulating on social media. GTABase, which is considered to be a trusted source of Rockstar Games info, has since claimed to have seen “fairly convincing” evidence that the leak came from the son of a studio employee.

As GTABase made a vague reference to the “evidence,” Reddit folks circulated screenshots of messages and uploads by the TikTok user in question, one of which was purportedly a photo of them with their “dad,” who happens to be Rockstar North co-studio head Aaron Garbut. There are also conflicting reports of the TikTok user claiming to be a “friend” of Garbut’s son.

Whatever the case, it’s quite possible that someone was simply posing as Garbut’s son or their friend to throw people off, especially considering the last time someone leaked GTA 6 material, they ended up in jail.

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