Keerthi Pandian, daughter of the renowned actor Arun Pandian, embarked on her journey in the film industry, eager to establish her own identity amidst numerous obstacles. She experienced initial setbacks, but over time, she gained a deeper understanding of the world, learned self-love, and not only rebounded but also achieved her ambitions. (Also read: Ashok Selvan and Keerthi Pandian are married. Check out dreamy first official wedding pics)

Keerthi Pandian and Ashok Selvan often share pictures with each other.

Keerthi, who had been in a relationship with Ashok Selvan for about a decade, recently married him. Her upcoming film, Kannagi, is scheduled for release on December 15th.

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In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times Tamil, she discussed various aspects of the film and her personal life.

During the interview, she opened up about her husband, Ashok Selvan, saying, “Ashok is inherently a very respectful person. He firmly believes that everyone’s thoughts and opinions are their own and respects that. He doesn’t intrude unnecessarily or judge others’ perspectives. He’s extremely compassionate and genuinely has a golden heart. This is something I’ve consistently observed and can vouch for. Ashok truly has a beautiful soul!”

She added, “He possesses many admirable qualities, and I’d like to highlight the top three. Firstly, Ashok is a person of strong convictions, unwavering in both his personal and professional life. Secondly, his honesty stands out. In his thoughts, actions, and all his endeavours, there’s an inherent sincerity. This particular trait of his has always impressed me. Additionally, he’s very thoughtful. In the past decade, he’s shown considerable reflection on various matters.”

About her new life, she said, “Now that we’re married and living together, we divide household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. However, he wasn’t accustomed to doing these tasks before. But there’s an understanding that he needs to be cared for. I’m particular about cleanliness and like things to be returned to their original place. Ashok, on the other hand, is quite the opposite!”

She, however, says, “Nonetheless, he makes efforts to adapt and be considerate. When he’s passionate about something, he’s extremely thoughtful about it. This isn’t just in our relationship but extends to how he interacts with our family,” she shared.

Read the full interview in Tamil here.

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