Hideki Kamiya Thinks Teaming With Hideo Kojima or Yoko Taro Would Be a Disaster

By admin Nov27,2023

If you’ve ever hoped for a collaboration between Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya and Metal Gear man Hideo Kojima or Nier nut Yoko Taro, prepare to be bluntly disappointed by a man known for his bluntness.

‘It’s not like Dragon Ball’

On Kamiya’s YouTube channel, which he’s been messing about with quite frequently since he found himself between jobs after leaving Platinum Games, he talks about all manner of things. Recently, he addressed a question he says he’s asked quite often: would he collaborate with another big name in Japanese gaming like Kojima, Taro, or Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki?

”Look, it would be a disaster!” Said Kamiya, “It doesn’t work like in Dragon Ball, where Goku fuses with other characters. Two people with completely different personalities and ideas would clash. There’s no way you’d get a decent game of that. Why is that hard for people to understand?” Kamiya then used a Japanese saying to drive home his point, saying “There is a Japanese saying, maybe a proverb? ‘Too many captains will steer the ship up a mountain’… so there should only be ONE CAPTAIN!”

Given Kamiya’s notoriously prickly nature, it’s easy to see where sparks of the wrong kind might fly when collaborating with like-minded creators.

Of course, Platinum had made Metal Gear Revengeance and helped out with NieR Automata (which Kamiya claims saved Platinum Games) before, but that was a looser kind of collaboration with already established series rather than a brand new team-up that Kamiya refers to. So even if he doesn’t team up with his fellow creators directly, you can’t rule out Kmaiya working with one of their legacy series.

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