American model Gigi Hadid has often been vocal about her opinions on the Israel-Hamas war. The 28-year-old TV personality, who is known for her pro-Palestine stance has recently come under fire for accusing Israel of “organ harvesting.” Hadid shared a reel on her Instagram story which claims “health officials admitted that Israeli authorities had harvested the organs of dead Palestinians for years without their consent,” as per Newsweek.

US model Gigi Hadid walks the runway with models to present creations by Miu Miu during the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 in Paris on October 3, 2023. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)(AFP)

Hadid’s actions stirred outrage on social media, with netizens demanding her modelling agency, IMG to oust her. A screenshot of her story was shared on X, formerly Twitter. The post shared by Visegrád 24 was captioned, “Gigi Hadid has started spreading spreading antisemitic blood libel conspiracy theories about Israel harvesting organs of Palestinians.”

Social media lashes out at Gigi Hadid

Pro-Israeli users in particular were enraged by the video Hadid chose to share. Many have demanded that Gigi along with her sister Bella should be “cancelled.” An X user wrote, calling out her agency, “@IMG, @IMGmodels do you support these antisemitic statements of Gigi Hadad? If not please stop working with her.”

One more user said, “This is the curse of being physically attractive. You are never told no and you eventually begin to believe your own insanity.” Yet another wrote, “Gigi Hadid has always been trash but this is straight up vile antisemitic blood libel. She should be dropped by every contract and agency,” according to the outlet.

On Saturday, November 25, the former Victoria’s Secret model made an explosive statement on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Israel sees any Palestinian as a ‘terrorist,’ Any person supporting Palestinian rights as an ‘antisemite,’ and any Jew that is opposed to the government’s actions as ‘self-hating,’ – even telling them to denounce their Judaism. So… everyone’s lying and wrong, except Israel?!! If it wasn’t so evil & disturbing, it would be comedic.”

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