ET Markets Crypto TV: Key lessons on Crypto Investments | Edul Patel, CEO & Co-Founder, Mudrex – The Economic Times Video | ET Now

Did you know that American business tycoon Warren Buffet made his first billion in his 70s, and 99% of his wealth in the last 20 years? That’s an outcome of consistent long-term compounding and wealth creation, as shared by Edul Patel. The Co-founder and CEO of Mudrex engages in a conversation with Kshitij Anand, Editor-ETMarkets, exploring the evolving perspective of crypto investors, who increasingly focus on a three-four year horizon rather than short-term gains. Watch the second episode of the video series titled ‘Mudrex presents ETMarkets Crypto TV’ where Patel shares invaluable learnings gleaned from the common rookie investor mistakes. He explains the significance of research, the critical need for an exit strategy when entering certain asset classes, and the paramount importance of investing in a reliable platform endorsed by some regulatory body to succeed in crypto investments. In this second episode titled ‘Top 10 mistakes which crypto investors make,’ Patel also decodes elements of greed, fear and hype that often influence the behaviours and attitudes of a crypto investor. If you are a budding crypto investor, especially a Gen Z enthusiast, don’t miss the rich insights from the Co-founder and CEO of Mudrex—a global crypto investment platform designed as a financial services solution for the digital era. Stay tuned till the end as Patel dives into the complexities of taxation as part of the ‘Mudrex presents ETMarkets Crypto TV’ video series, aiming to shed light on the contemporary intricacies of navigating the crypto world.


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