Careless driving by taxi driver & impatient biker causes accident on the road while overtaking: Who’s at fault?

By admin Dec3,2023

With the rise in the number of cars and bikes on the road, the number of road accidents reported every day has also increased. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of road rage incidents as well. While world-class road infrastructure is being developed, we still lack basic driving sense. The driving culture in India isn’t the best and can be challenging at times. Many people driving on the road lack patience, leading to frequent accidents. Here’s an incident that illustrates this issue.

A video has been circulating on the internet recently, which was shared by the Cyberabad Traffic Police on their YouTube channel. They often post non-fatal accident videos on their channel to raise awareness among road users. The exact location of this accident is unknown. In the video, we see a current-generation Maruti Alto K10 taxi. The footage was recorded by the dash camera of a car following the taxi.

In this video, the taxi slows down due to an obstruction on the road, with a biker directly behind it. As the car slows down, the biker attempts to navigate through a narrow gap between a bus passing in the opposite direction and the taxi. He maintains a decent speed, thinking he could fit through the gap and overtake the taxi. While the gap was enough for the biker to fit in, the taxi driver had other plans.

As the biker starts to overtake, the taxi driver blindly turns the steering to the left without checking for the biker. The biker crashes into the door of the taxi, losing control immediately. Fortunately, the bus had just passed the biker. The collision causes the biker to hit a car and be thrown into the opposite lane of the road. A Mahindra Scorpio approaching from the opposite direction becomes involved as the biker crashes into the SUV’s front. However, the Scorpio driver manages to apply the brakes on time, bringing the SUV to a stop.

Biker crashed into Scorpio

Although the taxi driver slows down, they don’t stop and flee the spot. Meanwhile, the occupants of the Scorpio exit the vehicle to assist the injured biker. The biker, wearing a helmet, thankfully avoids major injuries. Despite the Scorpio driver searching for the taxi driver, they’re nowhere to be found.

Let’s analyze the situation here. The Alto K10 taxi driver slowed down due to an electric rickshaw ahead of the car. Ideally, the taxi driver should have stopped the car, checked surroundings, and then proceeded to overtake the rickshaw. However, they blindly turned the car away from the rickshaw, causing the accident. The biker was also too impatient, attempting to squeeze through the narrow gap between the car and the bus. Luckily, the biker only sustained minor injuries. Ideally, the taxi driver should have stopped and checked if the biker was safe. Both the taxi driver and the biker share fault in this situation. Both should have exercised more patience and caution on the road to prevent this accident.

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