bread gulab jamun recipe, how to make bread gulab jamun

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Bread gulab jamun, an instant Indian sweet where deep fried bread balls are soaked in a cardamom flavored sugar syrup that’s perfect for festivals like Holi and Diwali

bread gulab jamun

Bread gulab jamun is an instant and easy version of the classic Indian dessert, gulab jamun. They are delicately soft, delicious, melt in the mouth, deep fried bread balls dunked in a cardamom infused sugar syrup. Each bite into a succulent, pillowy, sugar syrup soaked bread ball is pure bliss, especially when slightly warm. It takes some effort and experience to master the art of making the perfect gulab jamuns from scratch using khoya. Since many lack the experience and time, they resort to the store-bought instant gulab jamun mix like mtr or gits gulab jamun mix. To make it easy for beginner cooks or those who are pressed for time, I’m sharing bread gulab jamun recipe, a close cousin to the authentic Indian sweet, gulab jamun.

An extremely easy sweet dish to make which is instant, visually appealing and a flavor which is very very close to the traditional gulab jamun made with khoya. In fact, it will take some time for anyone to realize that it is gulab jamun made with bread. These deep fried bread balls absorb the warm sugar syrup to yield incredibly soft and melt in the mouth texture and flavor. A great way to use up your left-over bread when those sweet cravings set in. 🙂

bread gulab jamun recipe

bread gulab jamun recipe

A few tips for making the best bread gulab jamun. To attain a flavorful gulab jamun use milk instead of water to knead the bread. Adding a quarter cup of reduced milk solids or khoya to the soft bread dough will yield a rich flavor that is close to the authentic gulab jamun flavor. This particular recipe of bread gulab jamun does not require any leavening agent like baking powder. Add a pinch of cardamom powder to the bread dough as well as the sugar syrup. Ensure that the bread balls are smooth without any cracks and cover with a damp cloth so that they do not dry. Always, always deep fry the bread balls on low-medium heat only for even cooking.

Follow these step by step pictures to make bread gulab jamun. You will require 8 white bread slices with the sides cut off and a quarter cup of mawa or khoya (reduced milk solids). Make a fine powder of the bread.

bread gulab jamun ingredientsbread mawa gulab jamun

bread gulab jamun ingredients – powdered bread and mawa

Make a smooth and soft pliable consistency dough of the bread powder, mawa and 1/4 tsp of cardamom powder by adding a tbsp of milk at a time. Add a tbsp of milk at a time and keep mixing till you achieve a smooth soft dough. Pinch out dough to make gooseberry sized smooth balls and cover with a damp cloth till the oil turns hot for deep frying.

bread gulab jamun mixbread gulab jamun balls

bread gulab jamun mix rolled into small balls

Heat enough oil for deep frying the bread balls. Once the oil turns hot, reduce heat to low and very gently, place few bread balls. Do not add too many bread balls in the vessel and do not touch the balls for at least a min. Leave them undisturbed and gently use a flat slotted ladle to move the balls around for even cooking.

bread gulab jamun fryinggulab jamun using bread

bread mawa balls deep frying in oil

Once the bread balls turn golden brown, remove them and immediately place them in the sugar syrup and allow to simmer on low heat for a min. Turn off heat and allow the balls to soak in the sugar syrup for a few mins or an hour. Once the gulab jamun swells in size and is heavy, you know it’s done. Pop one into your mouth to check if it has absorbed the sugar syrup and you won’t stop with one for sure. 🙂

To make sugar syrup, heat 1 1/2 cups sugar and 3 cups water and allow the sugar to dissolve. Add 1/2 tsp cardamom powder and simmer the sugar syrup on low-medium heat for at least 10 mins or till it thickens slightly.

bread gulabjamunmake gulab jamun sugar syrup

fried bread gulabjamun soaking in sugar syrup

Serve the bread gulab jamun along with some of the sugar syrup drizzled over them and garnish with nuts of your choice or rabri. They stay good at room temperature up to 2 days. You can refrigerate the bread gulab jamuns up to a week.

how to make bread gulab jamun

how to make bread gulab jamun

You will love this instant-mix bread gulab jamun due to its ease of preparation. My family is very fond of these addictive little treats that are soaked up with a cardamom infused sugar syrup. You should add it to your list of simple Indian desserts since it’s apt for parties, New Year’s eve and festivals like Holi and Diwali. I made gujiya and bread gulab jamun to celebrate the festival of colors, Holi.

How to make bread gulab jamun

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