Public roads are for everyone, and they are not a place to pull off stunts. We have come across several incidents in the past where people in cars and on bikes have caused inconvenience to other road users. In some cases, people do such stunts for the sake of recording videos that they later post on social media. There are instances where such stunts have gone wrong, and people have suffered serious injuries. Here, we have a video from Bengaluru that shows three men hanging out of a moving Honda City sedan on a busy road. The video has gone viral, and netizens have asked the cops to take action against them.

The video has been shared by a user (formerly on Twitter) known as Sage on his profile. The video was posted on his profile with a caption tagging Bengaluru City Police, Traffic Police, and the DGP of Karnataka. According to the post, the incident happened on NH 7, or Airport Road. As seen in the video, this is a busy road with several vehicles on it. On this crowded road, there is a Honda City sedan, a variant with an electric sunroof. We see not one, but two people standing out of the sunroof of the sedan. There is barely any space for people to get out through these sunroofs, and somehow these guys managed to squeeze two in.

Another guy was hanging out of the right-side rear window of the sedan. He was actually sitting on the rear window, waving and enjoying with his friends. We see another guy coming out of the rear left window; however, it looks like he couldn’t get a hang of it and went back inside the cabin. Returning to the youngsters standing out of the sunroof, they were actually dancing while standing on the roof of a moving vehicle.

youth stunting on Honda City

The vehicle was being driven at a good speed, and the driver was on the extreme right lane. One of the persons standing out of the sunroof even took off his shirt. The video zooms into the car and shows that the car was bearing a registration number DL3CBA9775. All this was happening while the driver was passing through a busy road. The person recording the video was right behind the Honda City in another car. After the video went viral on the internet, Bengaluru Traffic Police also reacted to the post.

The traffic police department asked the Chikkajala Traffic Police Station to have a look at the video as it falls under their jurisdiction. The Chikkajala Traffic Police was also quick to respond, mentioning that an FIR has been filed, and action will be taken against the offenders. This is not the first time we have come across a video like this. While they may look like the young men were having fun, they were actually engaging in a dangerous activity by standing out of the sunroof and windows. The chances of these guys falling out of the vehicle if the driver applied the brakes or even accelerated were pretty high. As this was a busy road, people in the car behind them might not have had enough time to respond in such a case. This could have led to serious injuries.

They were risking their own lives as well as others’. We have said it several times that sunroofs are in cars for air circulation at high speeds, not for standing out. If you really want to do such stunts, choose a private property or a track so that you do not create inconvenience for others.

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