Toyota Innova MPV type 2 converted into type 4 with a custom interior [Video]

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The Toyota Innova MPV is one of the most popular and successful MPVs in India. The model has been around for ages and has gone through multiple facelifts and generation changes throughout the years. Recently, a video of one such type of Toyota Innova’s conversion into a type 4 model has been shared online. This video shows how an old Innova in a dilapidated condition gets converted and restored into a pristine-looking model.

Toyota Innova Type 2 to Type 4 Conversion

The video of this Toyota Innova Type 2 to Type 4 conversion has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. Over the last few months, we have shared a ton of videos of conversions of the Toyota Innova and Fortuner from the channel. In this particular video, the owner of the shop explains that this Innova project is for those interested clients who only want to convert their old cars into new without adding any modifications.

What are the options for old Innova owners?

Following the introduction, the video shows the old Innova Type 2 in extremely poor condition getting disassembled for repair and conversion. After this, the owner of the shop talks about the general conversation which he has with a ton of Innova owners. He stated that a lot of them ask about what they should be doing with their old Innovas. To this, he mentions that the Innova, in general, is a very robust car. It can last a lifetime because of its bulletproof reliability.

Toyota Innova Type 2 converted into Type 4 with a custom interior looks smashing [Video]

After this, he adds that some people also ask about the ban on 10-15 years old cars and its effect on their Innovas. To this, he replies that apart from Delhi, no other state in India follows this rule, and it can be registered with the payment of green tax and other taxes. Next up, he mentions the questions he gets related to the conversions that can be done on the Innova. To this, he replies that they can convert any Type 1, 2, and 3 into a Type 4 model.

Toyota Innova Type 2 converted into Type 4 with a custom interior looks smashing [Video]

Following this, he adds that there are plenty of options available with the Innova. He states that any Innova can be converted with an Alphard grille, side steps, Lexus kits (both in-house and imported Lexus Kit). Apart from these, he adds that they can also add custom LED headlights and taillights as well. Lastly, he talks about the options for the interior of such old cars. He mentions that they can either change just the seat covers, arm pads, and dashboard, or they can fully customize the interior with a new theme, all depending upon the preference of their clients.

Finished Conversion of Toyota Innova Type 2 to Type 4

Toyota Innova Type 2 converted into Type 4 with a custom interior looks smashing [Video]

The presenter adds that this particular Innova conversion project is for those who wanted to see what a completely stock car with conversion and new interior looks like. Finally, he shows the finished car, which can be seen finished in the same color as the original car and with a fully custom-made cream and brown color leather interior with a diamond-quilted pattern on the seats. The dashboard of the car has also been painted in black, which adds a dual-tone appearance.

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