After a long wait, the Tesla Cybertruck has finally gone on sale. While the unique-looking all-electric pickup truck is off to a flying start, it also has had a fair share of controversies. One such controversy was the clause introduced by Tesla for Cybertruck owners, which warned them of a fine of $50,000 if they sold off the truck within the first year of ownership. Tesla retracted this absurd clause after facing a backlash a few weeks ago, however, if reports are to be believed, this clause has come back in existence.

Tesla has re-added the clause of claiming a fine of $50,000 from those Cybertruck customers who wish to sell their electric pickup within the first year from the date of its purchase. Tesla first introduced this controversial clause on its official website for those who wished to book the Cybertruck with the intent of purchasing. Needless to say, this clause faced a strong backlash, especially from the customers who had booked the Tesla Cybertruck.

As a precautionary move, Tesla took back this clause and removed it from its website, which led many to think that such a clause is no more in existence. However, Tesla has brought back the clause, which is again live on its website, with a clear indication that no Tesla Cybertruck owner can sell off his/her vehicle without prior permission from Tesla, or else he/she is liable to pay a fine of $50,000.

The Tesla Cybertruck debuted back in 2019 in a public event, though the production and deliveries took a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shortage of semi-conductor chips and various controversies surrounding the vehicle. The deliveries of the first batch of Tesla Cybertruck began towards the end of November 2023 in an event in Texas, US, in which Elon Musk himself handed the Cybertrucks to its first 12 owners. The Tesla Cybertuck has been launched in three variants – rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and tri-motor Cyberbeast, with prices ranging between $60,000 and $99,990.

The Tesla Cybertruck claims a maximum power output of 845 bhp and a range of 544 km, depending on the variant. While the sales of all-wheel drive with dual-motor setup and tri-motor Cyberbeast have commenced, the sales of base-spec rear-wheel drive version will begin only in 2025. Tesla has indicated that it will start its operations in India soon, though it is unclear whether the Cybertruck will make its way to the Indian shores anytime soon.

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