Rajasthan women riding Royal Enfield Classic retro motorcycle wearing saree: Video goes viral

By admin Dec26,2023

A viral 10-second video on the internet features two women on a Royal Enfield bullet. While one woman rides the bike with confidence, the other sits serenely behind her, both dressed in traditional sarees. The video showcases the ease with which the rider handles the bike, even on a poorly lit road at night. The attire of the women garnered much appreciation in the comments section, as it is not common to see women ride bikes wearing traditional sarees.

The video has gained over 1.2 million views and 76,000 likes. However, one alarming aspect of the video is that neither the rider nor the pillion is wearing a helmet. This is not acceptable, as wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is essential to prevent head injuries in case of an accident. Several stories on helmets saving the lives of riders have been featured on our website. Not wearing a helmet is also illegal. Traffic police can issue a challan if any rider or pillion do not wear a helmet.

Also, wearing lose clothes while riding motorcycles can be dangerous. Attires like saree can get stuck in the chain and sprocket or the wheels to cause an accident. There have been numerous accidents caused by lose clothes getting stuck to the wheels. Many accidents are also caused by dupatta of women wearing salwar-kameez.

It is vital to wear a helmet correctly with its buckle fastened to ensure protection. Women Royal Enfield riders are prevalent in India, including celebrities like Gul Panag. The recent movie “Dhak Dhak” features four women fulfilling their dreams of riding motorcycles to Ladakh, including Sanjana Sanghi, Ratna Pathak Shah, Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Dia Mirza.

The motorcycle showcased in the video is the current generation of the Royal Enfield Classic 350, released in the market last year. It stands as one of the manufacturer’s beloved models, now built on a fresh platform and an overhauled engine. This updated version offers a notably smoother ride, while the engine itself boasts a significant refinement compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the motorcycle features a semi-digital instrument cluster that displays essential information such as the fuel level, trip meter, and odometer readings.

Indian roads are not safe

In India, it is common to come across stray animals, cattle, and pedestrians crossing the road. Additionally, there are vehicles that disregard traffic rules by driving on the wrong side or changing lanes without indicating. To ensure safety on Indian roads, it is crucial to ride within the designated speed limits. This allows for better control in emergency situations.

Given that the concept of right-of-way is not strictly adhered to in India, it is advisable to slow down to safer speeds when approaching road crossings. Moreover, while traveling on highways, it is wise to reduce speed when passing through populated areas such as cities and villages. Despite the existence of pedestrian crossings, many people choose not to use them in an attempt to save time, posing a risk near highways where stray animals and cattle are more likely to be found.

Maintaining a safe speed is always recommended on highways due to the occurrence of instances where locals ride in the opposite lane. This is particularly common near settlements, cities, and villages along the highways.

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