Owner refuses to take delivery of his brand new Tata Nexon facelift after he found water inside the headlamp

By admin Dec12,2023

Tata Motors is one of the leading Indian car manufacturers with several models in their lineup. We are aware that Tata is a brand known for making sturdy vehicles. However, we’ve come across several cases in the past where customers who bought Tata cars found issues with their vehicles. Many customers are also unhappy with the service experience at some Tata authorized service centers. Here, we have a video where a customer refused to take delivery of his brand new Tata Nexon facelift SUV after water was found in the headlamp.

The video was shared by Sharath Kumar T from Karnataka. Buying a new car is often a dream for many, and Sharath was no exception. He booked a brand new Tata Nexon SUV, opting for the top-end Fearless Plus variant with a petrol engine. The automatic variant cost him around Rs. 18.2 lakh, as per the post.

Sharath posted a video along with a caption explaining what happened exactly. The customer had booked his brand new Tata Nexon SUV from Tata Motors’ authorized dealership in Yelehanka, named Prerna Motors. The customer is extremely frustrated, mentioning this dealership as the worst for Tata cars. After making the payment and completing the documentation, the customer, along with his family, went to unveil their new car.

Their dream was shattered when they realized that the SUV being delivered to them had several defects. The customer immediately noticed water droplets inside the LED DRLs of the Nexon. The water had somehow leaked into the DRL. Upon further inspection, he noticed that the bumper of the SUV had a scratch, the rubber beading inside the door was also not properly installed, scratches were found on the quarter panel, improper welding on the door, and a scratch on the tailgate, all on the unit.

delivery of defective Nexon

The customer was extremely angry and decided not to take delivery. He mentioned in the post that Prerna Motors tried to sell him a defective Nexon, and without performing a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) or Quality Check (QC), they even registered the vehicle under the customer’s name. The incident took place almost a month ago, and the customer decided to post this video now as he was not getting any solution to the problem. The customer has been asking for a complete refund or replacement; however, the Tata dealership is not offering him either. According to the customer, the dealership wants him to take delivery of the same car after they have resolved all the issues, offering an extended warranty of 2 years on this SUV.

The customer also mentions that the dealership is not accepting their mistake and is trying to convince him that this is a good vehicle to drive. The customer also states that neither Tata nor the dealership is interested in solving this issue. We had a quick look in the comment section of the video and found that the customer is planning to take things to the consumer court, as discussions with the CEO of Prerna Motors and Tata’s Karnataka Zonal Manager have not been satisfactory.

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