Mango iced tea, how to make mango iced tea recipe at home

By admin Jan7,2024

Mango ice tea, a perfect summer drink to beat the heat

Mango Iced Tea

Mango iced tea is a delicious, tropical summer beverage that combines two of my favorite ingredients, tea and ripe mango puree. A winning combination with a feel good factor. It is my go-to drink at the moment to beat the heat. We are in the midst of the monsoon season with no rain and humid weather. Nothing can be more refreshing than a chilled glass of mango iced tea on a sweltering day.

mango iced tea recipe

We are in the fag end of the mango season and am making best use of them by making fresh mango juice, mango smoothie, mango kulfi, mango ice cream and mango iced tea. The sweet flavor of ripe mango compliments the bold flavor of tea making it a delicious summer cooler. It makes for an bright, refreshing, addictive drink that you’d want to sip on all day long. You can add some mint leaves for an aromatic garnish. Do add iced mango tea recipe to your list of summer beverages.

how to make mango iced tea

Refreshing mango ice tea

How to make mango iced tea recipe at home

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