Special occasions like festivals, birthdays, or anniversaries are celebrated by everyone. However, some people, in the name of celebration, do things that are extremely unsafe and can cause harm to others. And with the rise of the usage of social media, everyone wants to boast about their wealth and power. Recently, a video of a Ford Mustang driver was shared online. The dangerous part about this video was that the owner of this sports car attached a firework to the rear decklid of the car, and it was bursting while he was driving. It has now been reported that the owner of the vehicle has been arrested.

Ford Mustang Firecrackers

The video of the Ford Mustang with a firecracker bursting from its rear has been shared on YouTube by Hindxpress TV News on their channel. It starts off with the presenter mentioning that it has been reported that this particular dangerous stunt on a public road with a Ford Mustang and firecrackers has come from Sohana, Punjab. He states that originally this video was shot on the 25th of November, but the police received it on December 2nd. The presenter adds that after this, with the help of the registration number from the video of this Mustang, the owner was arrested. This Mustang was registered in the state of Uttarakhand.

Action by Police Authorities

Following the introduction, the police inspector in charge of the case answered a number of questions asked by the media. He first reiterated that they received the video on December 2nd and soon after receiving it, they started the investigation and registered a case under IPC section 283. Following this, he stated that the next day a person came to lodge an FIR against the Ford Mustang driver. The police inspector stated that this person cannot be named. However, he registered an FIR because the sparks from the firecracker came onto his scooter and on him as well.

What happened to the driver and the Mustang?

The inspector then added that the scooter rider avoided serious injuries but decided to report the incident to the police. After he was asked about what happened next with the vehicle and the owner, he replies that the Ford Mustang, which was driven in the video with firecrackers in the rear, has been sent to Delhi. But they have also sent a team to track down the car. He added that with the help of the registration number, the driver of the car has been arrested.

Man bursts fire crackers from moving Ford Mustang for wife’s anniversary: Arrested [Video]

He was then asked about what exactly happened and why did this owner decide to burst firecrackers from the bootlid of this car. To this, the police personnel mentioned that from their investigation, it has been found that the video was created for the occasion of an anniversary. He added that the Mustang driver wanted to create a video to show off his vehicle and boast his power. The inspector also mentioned that upon further investigation, it was found that this particular Ford Mustang already has 14 challans pending.

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