As the $15m Dogeverse ICO enters its final stages, could it be the biggest meme coin of 2024?

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Meme coins had a hugely successful 2024, with some of the top tokens seeing 1312.6% returns. Even as the bull run has slowed slightly, meme coins are powering ahead, and many presales are reaching new heights.

One of the most exciting presales this year is Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) This presale project mixes meme coin virality with bridging technology to create a multi-chain meme coin that has already raised more than $15 million. Many traders and analysts are predicting that Dogeverse could be one of the biggest meme coins to come out this year.

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Dog Meme Coins leading the pack

While this meme coin cycle has seen various new animals enter the scene — cats, seals, and sloths, to name a few – the clear winner of 2024 is the humble dog. CoinGecko even has a page dedicated to following the price movements of dog-themed coins.

Currently, four of the leading meme coins are dog-themed coins: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, dogwifhat, and FLOKI. Many of them have experienced huge growth. Newcomer dogwifhat skyrocketed 3,000 per cent between January and March. Meanwhile, the more-established FLOKI is up 35%

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While coins like Pepe have enjoyed profitable returns, the Shiba Inu remains the top dog in the meme world. Now, all attention seems focused on the newest dog-themed meme coin presale, which has raised more than $15 million since starting in April.

Dogeverse, a multi-chain meme coin, raises an astronomical $15 Million

Dogeverse has quickly become one of the most talked about meme coin presales this year. The token is the first meme coin to be available on six different blockchains, and it also offers high staking rewards to presale investors. Already, it’s been making headlines, and investors are flooding in, with some analysts expecting 10x returns.
The Dogeverse project follows a chain-hopping Shiba Inu named Cosmo the Doge. Cosmo the Doge shares his chain-traveling abilities with holders of $DOGEVERSE so they can move between chains.

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The token is available to buy on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, and holders can claim their tokens on the chain of their choice once the presale ends. Using Wormhole technology, Dogeverse enables holders to hop chains with miniscule gas fees through the Dogeverse Bridge.

Presale investors can stake $DOGEVERSE for an impressive yield right now

In addition to the multi-chain functionality, Dogeverse allows holders to stake their $DOGEVERSE tokens and earn a high APY. Anyone who buys their tokens using Ethereum will be able to stake their tokens for a 58% return on their staked investment. This adds another level of utility to the token, where holders can earn passive income.

The rewards will be distributed over two years, and 20 billion $DOGEVERSE have been set aside for staking rewards.

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Presale investors will be able to stake their tokens immediately and enjoy the highest profits. This staking mechanism also helps the token price post-presale as it disincentivises investors from dumping tokens straight away and encourages long-term growth.

Currently, the token is priced at $0.00031, but based on the success of the presale, many expect this price to surge once the presale ends and the token is listed on DEXs. This means that now could be the last chance to buy Dogeverse at this low price as the presale is nearing a conclusion.

Presale participants will receive their $DOGEVERSE tokens once the presale ends, and the claim and listing dates will be announced on the project’s social media sites.

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